UCAHP’s 2017 TEEC Cup North America Chinese Startup Contest & Silicon Valley Summit on Intelligent Systems

Organizers: US-China Association of High-level Professionals (UCAHP), Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC), Academy for Returnee Entrepreneurs by Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), JuNeng, SVC Angel Club

Exclusive strategic partner: Suzhou

Co-Hosts: Nanjing, Hangzhou Economic Development Area (HEDA), Shenzhen Investment Holdings, Shenzhen Bay Technology Development, ZJ Innopark, Zhongguancun Science Park, ZGC Innovation Center Silicon Valley, Weifang Silicon Valley Venture

Supporters: WRSA,SVC Angel Fund,Amino Venture, IPV Capital ,TEEC Angel Fund,Westlake Venture ,SVTech Venture ,Northern Light Venture , SAIF Partners,Fosun Capital, Nautilus Ventures 、Tyche Partners、Oriza Ventures、AngelList、8VC、 OVO Venture

Media Supports: People’s Daily Online, Sina.com, Guiguzhongguo, Guiguzhongguo.com, Chinese Biz News, Memoirvision.com


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  • Pitch and network with 300 global institutional and individual investors with a China focus
  • Attend largest cross-border entrepreneurship and investment platform with 3000 attendees
  • Win funding, China market entrance and partnership opportunities (all applicants)
  • Top 50 startup finalists will pitch in person, top 10 will pitch on stage
  • Learn smart industry trends 


Main Stage Agenda


Panels Agenda

Final 50

  • Early diagnosis and treatment of aging and cancer
  • A new sensitive TGF-β detection assay
  • Cold virus multiple rapid detection
  • A new generation of bio artificial liver support system
  • Breakthrough mammography technology that detects breast cancer with no side effects
  • The world’s first artificial platelets
  • The world’s first unmanned, fully automated, high-precision intelligent engineering machinery control system
  • VR sensors for eyes and face
  • Energy harvesting technology to power mobile devices
  • An optical wireless solution for VR headsets
  • World first Auto Cooking Refrigerator
  • VR world experience sharing technology
  • Tesla for the Audio Market
  • Energy saving and emission reduction technology of internal combustion engine
  • Self-balancing electric truck
  • Leading autopilot core technology, algorithm optimization and reference design
  • Positioning Services in an Automated and Connected World
  • Smart mailbox solution for online shoppers to receive, return, track and ship packages
  • New wireless data transmission devices
  • A technology platform to design and manufacture foam alternative materials for applications such as biodegradable package, flame-resistant insulation, and super absorbent for environment cleanups.
  • Intelligent sensing and processing technologies for drones.
  • Portable diagnostic solutions
  • Beer Game Disturber- everybody can brew his specific beer easily
  • High Accuracy, Integrity and Intelligent Navigation Solutions
  • A power solution addresses the largest issue in electric vehicle industry: charging time is too long.
  • Personal intelligent travel engine for city commuters
  • Password design on touch screens
  • Real-time Database
  • A “Starbucks app” with ordering, payment and reward features for non Starbucks coffee shops
  • Monitor the energy consumption of home appliances details
  • A plug & play device that will upgrade existing printers to IOT mobile printing platform.
  • VR game producer and distributor
  • Accurate motion tracking technology
  • A system and hardware to improve efficiency in sport and fitness training
  • An AI shopping platform connects travelers with local stores
  • An AI Chatbot, can help buyers buy what they want from all kinds of e-commerce and deals website.
  • A web application analysis tool that scans the project’s source code and renders the application architecture in beautiful visualizations
  • Machine Learning as a service
  • An AI-powered online personal fashion assistant that helps professional women dress for success
  • Large data real-time analysis
  • Make travel experience replicable, make mass customization in travel possible through “Sharing” and AI assistance
  • Entry luxury entertainment experience consumption platform
  • Data mining analysis and spatial optimization calculation
  • To provide credit financial services to global Chinese
  • Public Financial Data Analysis Platform in Cloud
  • Manufacturing of CFRP components with 3D Printing Technology
  • Internet of Things large data SaaS platform
  • Autistic diagnosis of autism in children
  • A breakthrough technology that allows cancer patent to get cured by activating their own immune system
  • Cross-border direct broadcast international trade B2B electronic business platform


Summit Panels 

From artificial intelligence to smart robotics, from real time data analytics to smart manufacturing, from smart sensing to smart cars, from cross-industry to cross-border, what are the emerging trends, the most disruptive challenges and opportunities?

Come to the experts panels of intelligent systems, meet world’s great minds, the academic and industry’s front practitioners, leaders.

1.Artificial Intelligence

Is AI eating the world? What’s next to Alexa, Viv, Google home? TPU or GPU or ASIC? The panel will discuss cutting edge development in AI research and development, covering deep learning, neuro networking, machine intelligence, and gaming. Panelists include renowned academic researchers and industry practitioners in the Artificial Intelligence space.


Moderator: Yuan Xie, Professor on AI, UCSB

Savitha Srinivasan, VP, Strategy, IBM Commerce. Partner, IBM VC Group

Chris Nicholson, Founder & CEO, Skymind.io, a deep learning AI stack for enterprise

Hao Zou, Founder & CEO of Abundy Inc. Forbes “30 under 30” in 2016

Xinghua Lou, Head of Commercialization, Vicarious AI

2.Smart Manufacturing

What are ways The panel will answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions of today. Is lights out all for smart manufacturing? Is adding sensors enough for next generation factories? How will ERP, MES, APS work together? What are different ways to collect manufacturing data? What is the right approach to smart manufacturing? Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0? What do we gain from Real time Big data analysis and smarter machines in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities, warehousing, transportation and logistics.


James Hong, Partner of SVC Angel Fund, Formal VP of Foxconn

Michael Chang, CEO Synergies Intelligent Systems

Steven Shen, CEO, Eolane China

3.Smart Contract and Blockchain and FinTech

What does today and tomorrow’s smart contract look like? How will smart contract change our business practice? HyperLedger, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other platform, which will prevail? Panel will discuss smart contract and blockchain and other FinTech trends.


Moderator: Albert Jiang

Toufi Saliba, CEO, PrivacyShell

Aldo Carrascoso, CEO, Align Commerce

Lila Tretikov, Cofounder/Board member of TodaCorp. Former CEO Wikimedia/wikipedia

Todd Gebhart, Chairman board of TodaCorp. Vise-Chairman of Intel Security

4.Smart Car

Topics will include advancement of telematics, vehicle communication, multi-mode sensing for autonomous driving, GNSS, vehicle security, autonomous driving, and driverless future. As well as explain how machine learning to image & speech recognition/processing to machine hearing will change the mobility and connected vehicles


Moderator: Er Man Wang, Partner, Tsing Capital

Timothy Harris, CEO, Swift Navigation

Paul Gulati, Co-founder, Activescaler

Wei Yan, CEO of VisualThreat

David Liu, CEO, Plus. AI

5.Intelligent Systems Security

While nearly every aspect of our lives is being connected through digital devices, security of intelligent systems becomes inescapably critical. Panel will explain security vulnerabilities in new connected systems, security concerns in smart manufacturing/vehicle/IoT, threat types and solutions, new security challenges and startup companies working on these problems.


Moderator: Liwei Ren, Scientific Adviser, TrendMicro

Xu Zou, Co-founder&CEO, Zingbox

Wei Yan, Founder/CEO, VisualThreat

Dejia Wang, Founder&CEO, PayEgis

Joshua Jiang, VP, VISA

6.Intelligent Robots

Robots are more likely to move out of the industrial and scientific world and into our daily lives in the future. Panel experts will discuss robots in various applications, cloud operation systems, crowdsourced Robot mind, mobility vs. intelligence, and service robot vs. manufacturing robots. How Robots will change our shopping, working, driving, recreation experience?


Adam Pease, Head of NLP R&D, Cloudminds

Timothy Harris, CEO, Swift Navigation

Jianwei Zhang, Academician, Academy of Hamburg

Tami Zhu, GM, Rokid USA

7. Computer Vision and Deep Learning

As the most researched area of AI, what will the future of CV and DL hold? Panel will cover computer vision algorithms and solutions, AI chips, data set learning, self- learning, ASIC/GPU/TPU/FPGA comparison, and computing load separation on AI.


Moderator: Yi Li, CEO, Orbeus (Acquired by Amazon)

Yuan Xie, Professor, UCSB

Chris Nicholson, Founder & CEO, Skymind.io, a deep learning AI stack for enterprise

William Jiang, Engineering Director, Lytro

Shaofeng Yang, Funder & CEO, Locus Info

8.  International Incubator and Cross-border Investment

Cross-border investment specialists will discuss investment trends, capital partners – both private and public, and real estate vs technology investments.


Moderator: Linda Zhou

Zhu Li(李竹), Inno Angel

Larry Li(李强), Amino Capital

Eugene Zhang(张于庆), TEEC Angel Fund

Kristy Liu, SVC Angel Fund


Speakers (演讲嘉宾)

Savitha Srinivasan, VP Strategy, IBM, Former Partner, IBM VC Group. Ÿ


Ÿ潘建岳,武岳峰资本创始合伙人,美国新思科技有限公司(Synopsys, Inc.)全球副总裁、亚太区总裁。清华企业家协会 (TEEC)主席。

Ÿ李飞飞,美国斯坦福大学人工智能实验室和视觉实验室主任,斯坦福计算机系终身教授,加入Google担任Google Cloud Machine Learning负责人。

ŸJess Lee,美国红杉资本第 11 位合伙人,也是红杉资本 44 年来首位女性投资合伙人。Polyvore( 被雅虎以2.3亿美 元现金的价格收购)联合创始人及CEO。Jess Lee is the newest investment partner at Sequoia Capital. Prior to that, she was CEO and co-founder of Polyvore, a style & shopping app that empowered people to express their style. Polyvore was acquired by Yahoo in 2015. Jess was also a product manager at Google Maps and has a degree in computer science from Stanford University. Jess is half-Chinese, half-Japanese and grew up in Hong Kong. She loves drawing, manga, and cosplay.

Ÿ邵旭辉,雅虎广告及大数据平台工程副总裁。拥有十余年带领计算智能,大数据和软件工程团队研究和开发的经验;业界 公认的数据挖掘和机器学习的专家;TEEC Angel Fund(清华企业家协会天使基金)合伙人。

Ÿ徐井宏,清华控股有限公司董事长,兼任清华大学启迪创新研究院常务副院长、APEC亚太经合组织中国工商理事会理 事、中关村大学科技园联盟理事长、中关村国家自主创新示范区顾问委员会副主任委员、中国企业家俱乐部理事、亚杰商 会会长等职务,曾获评中关村领军企业家和品牌中国年度人物等。

ŸTami Zhu,家居智能系統专家,机器人公司Rokid USA (www.rokid.com)的总经理。

Shaofeng Yang,Locus Info公司(Zoom Social App)创始人。

Michael Chang,Kyper公司(a cloud based Data as a Service platform)创始人。

ŸAdam Pease,Head of NLP R&D at CloudMinds. Formerly, he was CEO and Principal Consultant of Articulate Software, which built and advised on applications using ontology and natural-language processing. The author of the book Ontology: A Practical Guide and over 50-peer reviewed papers on NLP, ontology and logical inference.

ŸTimothy Harris,CEO of Swift Navigation(Swift Navigation provides centimeter-accurate positioning for agriculture, drones, and construction, anywhere on Earth).

ŸToufi Saliba,A serial technopreneur with a solid track record in algorithms, machine learning and cryptography, Toufi is obsessed with a data driven approach to success and business scaling. He is CEO at PrivacyShell and a board member at TodaCorp and WhoKnows, as well as an advisor and founding member of multiple tech startups.

ŸLila Tretikov,Executive, cofounder and board member at TodaCorp, defining the global strategy for decentralized banking. Lila was Chief Executive at the Wikimedia foundation and has held a series of leadership and executive board member roles at Rackspace, SugarCRM and others. On March 16, 2016, Tretikov had been invited by the World Economic Forum to join its “Young Global Leaders” community.

ŸTodd Gebhart,Chairman of the board of directors at TodaCorp and head of the advisory board at PrivacyShell. 30 years experience in Information Security, including Vice-Chairman of Intel Security and Co- President of McAfee.

ŸElaine Ou,A blockchain expert and PhD from Stanford University, has been involved in many crypto/blockchain innovations, as well as helping structure inventions and architecting mission critical software.

ŸDann Toliver,Dann cut his teeth building mission critical solutions for NASA and Fortune 500. He creates solutions in problem spaces like distributed systems, programming language semantics and databases, and oversees development and innovation as CTO of Privacy Shell.

ŸChris Nicholson,CEO and Co-founder of Skymind.io. Ÿ

Aldo Carrascoso,Founder and COO of Align Commerce.

ŸXinghua Lou,Head of Commercialization at Vicarious AI. Received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Universität Heidelberg, under Fred Hamprecht. Worked on graphical models and structured learning for biomedical data analysis.

Ÿ韩玫,计算机视觉世界级专家,Google研究科学家,先后发表30多篇论文,研究领域涉及机器视觉、跟踪、建模、识 别、图像视频处理。CMU机器人和计算机博士、清华大学计算机博士。

Ÿ谢源,VLSI设计、电子设计自动化、计算机系统结构及嵌入式系统设计的专家。由于在三维集成电路和体系结构上的突 出贡献,他于2015年被评为IEEE Fellow。谢源教授于2002-2003年任职于IBM,于2003年加入宾州州立大学,现为计 算机科学与工程系教授。

Ÿ邹昊,现为美国Abundy公司董事长兼首席执行官以及清华大学讲席教授。他同时为世界享誉的学术机构 —— 马可尼 协会的秘书长和财务委员会主席。他于2016年入选福布斯全球30位30岁以下全球青年领袖榜,为该榜单金融领域唯一的 中国获奖者,并在2015年获得中国国务院侨务办公室“世界华裔杰出青年”等荣誉。

Savitha Srinivasan,Vice President,Ecosystem Strategy & Development IBM Commerce,was a Partner in IBM’s Venture Capital Group.

ŸWilliam Jiang,Engineering Director in Lytro Inc. ŸDavid Liu, CEO, Plus.AI.




Jinghong Xu(徐井宏), Chairman, Tsinghua Holdings(清华控股董事长)

Larry Li(李强), Managing Partner, Amino Capital (丰元创投管理合伙人)

Chun Xia(夏淳), Managing Partner, TEEC Angel Fund(TEEC天使基金管理合伙人)

PingRong Yu(于平荣), Managing Partner, SVTech(未名天使基金管理合伙人)

Zhu Li(李竹), Founding Partner, Innoangel (英诺天使基金创始合伙人)

Jianyue Pan(潘建岳), President, TEEC(清华企业家协会会长)

Jianwei Zhang(张建伟), Academician, Academy of Hamburg(汉堡科学院院士)

Shawn Li(李湘), Chairman, ChinesePeptide(中肽生化董事长)

TaoHuang(黄涛), Partner, Cenova Venture(合伙人)

Jing Liao(廖菁), CHRO SoFi (SoFi首席人力资源官)

贾石琏(Jack Jia),Partner, GSR Venture



赵铁民(Tiemin Zhao), IPV Capita

贾石琏(Jack Jia), GSR Venture

盛明慧(Connie Sheng), Nautilus Venture

乔继英(Kelly Qiao), 复星同浩资本

黄涛(Tao Huang), Cenova Venture

李湘(Shawn Li), ChinesePeptide

于平荣(PR Yu),SVTech Venture

郑宏宾(Hongbin Zheng), Heda Investment

赵弋(Yi Zhao), Westlake Venture

廖菁(Jing Liao), SVC Angel Fund

David Liu, SVC Angel Fund

刘媛媛(Kristie Liu), SVC Angel Fund

刘金波(Jinbo Liu), Weifang Venture

李强(Larry Li), Amino Capita

朱绘灿(Huican Zhu), Amino Capital

曹磊(Victor Cao), Juneng Tech Fund (聚能科创基金)

孔德海(Roy Kong), SVC Angel Fund

Kevin Weng, TEEC Angel

金学成(Michael Jin), TEEC Angel

张元鑫(Edward Zhang), MD, Shuimu Capital(水木资本执行董事)

刘友忠(Richard Liu), TEEC Angel Fund

王金林(Jinlin Wang), TEEC Angel Fund

夏淳(Ray Xia), TEEC Angel Fund

Linda Zhou, KL Gates

Final Contest Date:01/07/2017
Event address:Santa Clara Convention Center

The UCAHP annual North America Chinese Startup Contest started in 2010. Now in its 7th year, the contest has become a signature event in Silicon Valley for international Chinese startups to showcase their projects, get feedback, and gain growth opportunities including funding and partnerships.

Each year, the event attracts more than 3,000 attendees including more than 500 startups, 300 renowned Chinese investor groups, 20 incubators, and a group of representatives from Chinese cities.

Through the platform, two unicorn companies were born, and many startups had gained growth tractions—with a total valuation of several hundred million dollars.

Below is a short list of companies that have found success through our platform:

  • Royole Tech (the world’s thinnest flexible display) received VC funding for growth after winning our contest, now the company is valued at about $1.1b.
  • PayEgis (online transaction protection) just received $150m in investment.
  • Orbeus (Artificial intelligence), acquired by Amazon.
  • GetScale (smart manufacturing, a YC Startup) recently received free office spaces from Suzhou, Qingdao, and potential government funds from Suzhou.
  • Grush(smart brush), winner of America’s best maker with $1m prize, an Intel Partner
  • Other success cases include Taste Analytics (Big Data), Smarking (Smart city, YC, Khosla Venture), Trustlook (Mobile Security), VisualThreat (Car Security). RippleInfo (Smart Home), Acton (Electric Shoe/Bike/Board), Car+(HUD), GogglePal(AR), BeeCloud(Payment), PervasiveGroup(Mobile), Corenergy(Power), Handscape(Touch), Aptitude(Bio), Allmobilize (mobile solution), DataCanvas(big data), Inpofi (Wireless Charging), Ciyu (MRAM), Dewmobile(wireless), Jiurun(Battery), Menusifu(Digitize Restaurant), LearningGenies(Education), Palmap (Indoor Map, IPO), vCruise(Gaming), Netplenish(Online Shopping), MusicProdigy(Music Learning), OneSky(Translation), Mugeda(Html5), AppEx(Networking), Lyxia(Algae Oil), Autotiming(AV platform), Zplas(Clean Tech), MicroFluidics(Bio), Bandwidth10(Optical), Vibronix(Medical), NexOptical(VR), Onecook(Robotics), Robokind(Robotics), and more


The event’s participating startups cover a range of industries and technologies:

  • Information Technology, AI, VR, new materials, new energy, manufacturing, Biological medicine and equipment, Integrated circuits and systems, Optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, networking and so on.



  • Eric Braa (co-founder/CBDO of GetScale): “UCAHP has been an invaluable asset to Getscale’s growth and expansion into China. We have been given access to opportunities, funding, and Government connections that we would never have been able to easily foster on our own. We are now expanding a major portion of our business in China, as well as opening offices in Suzhou and Qingdao”
  • Charlie Campbell (Founder/CEO HONT, co-founder Bucket): “UCAHP short circuited the process by introducing us to the right people to enter and engage with the Chinese market. Flash forward to 2016, and for the past three years, I’ve lived in China full time building a startup brick by brick. If I’ve learned anything, the difference between success and failure rides on your relationships and understanding of the local market, both of which UCAHP has helped me out with tremendously”.


Past Speakers:

  • Reid Hoffman (Executive Chairman, LinkedIn )
  • Phil Libin (Founder,Evernote),
  • Jeff Rothschild (VP, Facebook; Accel Partner),
  • Wayne Chang (General Manager, Twitter Boston),
  • David Karandish (CEO, Answers),
  • Alireza Masrour (Managing Partner,Plug & Play Venture)
  • Datong Chen (Founder, Omnivision/Spreadtrum, MD, WestSummit Capital)
  • Alfred Chu (MP, IPV Capital)
  • Frank Chen (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Andrew Chung (Partner, Khosla Ventures)
  • Feng Deng (Founder Netscreen, Northern Light Venture)
  • James Hong (Former VP, Foxxcon)
  • Shu Huang (MP, FerryVC)
  • Bill Liu (Founder, Royole Tech)
  • Yi Li (CEO, Orbeus)
  • Michael Jin (MP, TEEC Angel)
  • Jack Jia (Interwoven Cofounder /CTO,GSR partner)
  • Torsten Kroeger(Google Robotics)
  • Larry Li (MP, Amino Capital)
  • Jun Li (MP, SVTech)
  • Zhengdong Ni (Founder, Zero2IPO)
  • Connie Sheng (MD, Nautilus Venture)
  • Hans Tung( MP, GGV Capital)
  • Lucas Wang (CEO, Mugeda)
  • Young Wang (CEO, AppEx)
  • Janelle Wang (CEO, Acton)
  • Ping Wu( Cofounder, Spreadtrum, SummitView Capital)
  • Ken Xie (Founder NetScreen, Fortinet )
  • Hugo Xiong (Founder, IDGVC)
  • Raymond Yang, (MD, West Summit Capital)
  • Jackie Yang (Translink)
  • Xiangyang Yang (Chairman, Yuanzheng Investment)
  • Jeremy Xue (MD, TusPark VC)
  • John Yu (Managing partner, Oriza Venture)
  • Weijie Yun (MP, Tychy Venture)
  • Ben Yu (MP, Sierra Venture)
  • Jianwei Zhang (Academician, Academy of Hamburg, Robotics scientist)
  • Timin Zhao (Partner, IPV Capital)
  • Shoucheng Zhang (Academician, Chairman, Danhua Capital)
  • Zhen Zhang (MD, Banyan VC)
  • Mike Zhao (MP, SVTch)
  • Yi Zhao (MP, Westlake venture)
  • Tami Zhu (GM, Rokid)
  • Chaoyong Wang (China Equity)
  • Changming Yan (WRSA)
  • Gregory Dees (Father of Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Tao Fu (VP, Johnson & Johnson)
  • Hong Ge (Director Facebook)
  • Li Gong (Founder & CEO ACADINE Technologies, President of Mozilla)
  • Josh Jiang (VP, VISA)
  • Stella Jin(Founding partner, Keytone Venture)
  • Jun Shi(SVP & COO,SAP Labs)
  • Luo Si (Director, Alibaba IDST)
  • Vivian Wong (CTO, TargetX)
  • Mike Zhang (Founder & CEO,Allwinner)
  • Simon Zhang (Founder&CEO GrowingIO, Formal director, LinkedIn)
  • Felix Zhao (Founder & CEO, Cassia Networks)
  • Mike Zhao (President & CEO, Array Networks)
  • Etc.



We welcome you to join us, to learn, and to compete.

Any Questions?

Please contact: 408-384-9688 (Yuying Hu, Carol Huang)

Email: startup21@ucahp.org, yuying@ucahp.org

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