CONNECT Conference

【2018 UCAHP Connect Conference】

The 8th Intelligent System Summit & TEEC Cup Startup Contest

Agenda (Continuous Updating) 会议议程 (持续更新)

January 13th, 2018

January 14th, 2018


TEEC Cup UCAHP North America Chinese Start-up Contest has welcomed its 8th year.

As the most influential contest overseas, it has been fostering the docking process between overseas start-ups as well as their techniques and China’s areas with most energetic economy. In the past 8 years, a total of 300 projects gained investments and landed back in China through the contests, and raised more than 300 million dollars of initial investments through this platform.

There also have been three unicorns growing from UCAHP platform, among which, Royole Corporation, a thinnest flexible display technology developer, has a valuation of 3 billion dollars; Pay Egis, online payment security provider, has a valuation of more than 1 billion dollars; Zoom, cutting-edge technology for video conference, has gained investments from renown VCs from Sandhill Road, thus became a unicorn. The contest platform has also cultivated many companies that are valued at more than 100 million dollars, including 7 start-ups that were acquired by giants, such as Orbeus, an AI company, being acquired by Amazon in the latter half of the year 2015. Others were acquired by Google, Facebook, Cisco, etc.

Silicon Valley Summit will be held at the meantime together with the 8th North America Chinese Startup Contest. World class experts will be giving keynote speeches and sharing and discussing within Round Table Panel, focusing on technologies and industries, intelligence and systems, as well as the demands of Chinese markets. The summit will promote technical communications among American and Chinese entrepreneurs and investors, provide more opportunities in industrial cooperation, and generate a blue print for technical R&D and investments in the future. The summit will cover following topics as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Car, Intelligent Robots, Smart Contract, Smart Security, Smart Manufacturing Big Data, etc.

Summit Panels
From artificial intelligence to smart robotics, from real time data analytics to smart manufacturing, from smart sensing to smart cars, from cross-industry to cross-border, what are the emerging trends, the most disruptive challenges and opportunities?

Come to experts panels of intelligent systems, meet world’s great minds, the academic and industrial front practitioners, leaders.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Is AI eating the world? What’s next to AlphaGo, Alexa, Viv, Google home? TPU or GPU or ASIC?  This panel will discuss cutting-edge development in AI research and development, and cover deep learning, neuro networking, machine intelligence, and gaming. Panelists include renowned academic researchers and industry practitioners in Artificial Intelligence area.

  • Smart Contract and Blockchain and FinTech
    What does today and tomorrow’s smart contract look like? How will smart contract change our business practice? HyperLedger, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other platform, which will prevail? Panel will discuss smart contract and blockchain and other FinTech trends.


  • Intelligent Systems Security
    While nearly every aspect of our lives is being connected through digital devices, security of intelligent systems becomes inescapably critical. This panel will explain security vulnerabilities in new connected systems, security concerns in smart manufacturing/vehicle/IoT, threat types and solutions, new security challenges and startup companies working on these problems.



  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning
    As the most researched area of AI, what will the future of CV and DL hold? Panel will cover computer vision algorithms and solutions, AI chips, data set learning, self-learning, ASIC/GPU/TPU/FPGA comparison, and computing load separation on AI.



  • Smart Manufacturing
    What are ways The panel will answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions of today. Is lights out all for smart manufacturing? Is adding sensors enough for next generation factories? How will ERP, MES, APS work together? What are different ways to collect manufacturing data? What is the right approach to smart manufacturing? Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0?  What do we gain from Real time Big data analysis and smarter machines in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities, warehousing, transportation and logistics.



  • Smart Car
    Topics will include advancement of telematics, vehicle communication, multi-mode sensing for autonomous driving, GNSS, vehicle security, autonomous driving, and driverless future. As well as explain how machine learning to image & speech recognition/processing to machine hearing will change the mobility and connected vehicles.



  • AI Happy Living
    People have been seeking every effort in making life better through innovations of technologies. Then, how artifical intelligience will contribute to our living now and in the future? This panel focuses on the process that combines Smart Living and Happy Living with the assistant of AI techniques mastered by people at this age.



  • Intelligent Robots
    Robots are more likely to move out of the industrial and scientific world and into our daily lives in the future. Panel experts will discuss robots in various applications, cloud operation systems, crowdsourced Robot mind, mobility vs. intelligence, and service robot vs. manufacturing robots. How Robots will change our shopping, working, driving, recreation experience?


Coming Speakers (拟邀演讲嘉宾)

  • Prof. Jack Hu, Vice President for Research, University of Michigan, Member of US NAE
  • Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu, Member of Intel’s Board of Directors, Member if US NAE
  • Prof. Oussama Khitab, President of the International Foundation for Robotics Research (IFRR)
  • Savitha Srinivasan, VP Strategy, IBM, Former Partner, IBM VC Group
  • Principal of Smart Manufacturing and Smart Drive Segment at GM and Ford
  • Prof. Yinyu Ye, Stanford University, First Chinese recipient of John Von Neumann Theory Prize
  • David Wang, Entrepreneur establishing the “Apple” in manufacturing industry
  • Co-founder of Palantir
  • Co-founder of, 
  • VC investors form Sequoia, NEA, Accel, KPCB, AndreessenHorwitz, Khosla, etc.
  • Etc.


Below is a short list of companies that have found success through our platform:

  • Royole Tech (the world’s thinnest flexible display) received VC funding for growth after winning our contest, now the company is valued at above $3b. 
  • PayEgis (online transaction protection), valuation above $1b.
  • Orbeus (Artificial intelligence), acquired by Amazon. 
  • GetScale (smart manufacturing, a YC Startup) recently received free office spaces from Suzhou, Qingdao, and potential government funds from Suzhou.
  • Grush(smart brush), winner of America’s best maker with $1m prize, an Intel partner
  • Other success cases include Taste Analytics (Big Data), Smarking (Smart city, YC, Khosla Venture), Trustlook (Mobile Security), VisualThreat (Car Security). RippleInfo (Smart Home), Acton (Electric Shoe/Bike/Board), Car+(HUD), GogglePal(AR), BeeCloud(Payment), PervasiveGroup(Mobile), Corenergy(Power), Handscape(Touch), Aptitude(Bio), Allmobilize (mobile solution), DataCanvas(big data), Inpofi  (Wireless Charging), Ciyu (MRAM), Dewmobile(wireless),  Jiurun(Battery), Menusifu(Digitize Restaurant), LearningGenies(Education), Palmap (Indoor Map, IPO), vCruise(Gaming), Netplenish(Online Shopping), MusicProdigy(Music Learning), OneSky(Translation), Mugeda(Html5), AppEx(Networking), Lyxia(Algae Oil), Autotiming(AV platform), Zplas(Clean Tech), MicroFluidics(Bio), Bandwidth10(Optical), Vibronix(Medical), NexOptical(VR), Onecook(Robotics), Robokind(Robotics), and more

The event’s participating startups cover a range of industries and technologies:

  • Information Technology, AI, VR, new materials, new energy, manufacturing, Biological medicine and equipment, Integrated circuits and systems, Optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, networking and so on.



  • Eric Braa (co-founder/CBDO of GetScale): “UCAHP has been an invaluable asset to Getscale’s growth and expansion into China. We have been given access to opportunities, funding, and Government connections that we would never have been able to easily foster on our own. We are now expanding a major portion of our business in China, as well as opening offices in Suzhou and Qingdao”
  • Charlie Campbell (Founder/CEO HONT, co-founder Bucket): “UCAHP short circuited the process by introducing us to the right people to enter and engage with the Chinese market. Flash forward to 2016, and for the past three years, I’ve lived in China full time building a startup brick by brick. If I’ve learned anything, the difference between success and failure rides on your relationships and understanding of the local market, both of which UCAHP has helped me out with tremendously”.


Speakers of Past Years:

  • Savitha Srinivasan (VP Strategy, IBM, Former Partner, IBM VC Group) Ÿ
  • Chris Nicholson (CEO and Co-founder ofŸ
  • Michael Chang (Co-founder of Kype, a cloud based Data as a Service platform)
  • Reid Hoffman (Executive Chairman, LinkedIn)
  • Phil Libin (Founder,Evernote), 
  • Jeff Rothschild (VP, Facebook; Accel Partner), 
  • Wayne Chang (General Manager, Twitter Boston), 
  • David Karandish (CEO, Answers),
  • Alireza Masrour (Managing Partner,Plug & Play Venture) 
  • Datong Chen (Founder, Omnivision/Spreadtrum, MD, WestSummit Capital)
  • Alfred Chu  (MP, IPV Capital)
  • Frank Chen (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Andrew Chung (Partner, Khosla Ventures)
  • Feng Deng (Founder Netscreen, Northern Light Venture)
  • James Hong (Former VP, Foxxcon)
  • Shu Huang (MP, FerryVC)
  • Bill Liu (Founder, Royole Tech)
  • Yi Li (CEO, Orbeus)
  • Shawn Li (Chairman/Founder, Chinese Peptide Company)
  • Michael Jin (MP, TEEC Angel)
  • Jack Jia (Interwoven Cofounder /CTO,GSR partner)
  • Torsten Kroeger(Google Robotics)
  • Larry Li (MP, Amino Capital)
  • Jun Li (MP, SVTech)
  • Zhengdong Ni (Founder, Zero2IPO)
  • Connie Sheng (MD, Nautilus Venture)
  • Hans Tung( MP, GGV Capital)
  • Lucas Wang (CEO, Mugeda)
  • Young Wang (CEO, AppEx)
  • Janelle Wang (CEO, Acton)
  • Ping Wu( Cofounder, Spreadtrum, SummitView Capital)
  • Ken Xie (Founder NetScreen, Fortinet )
  • Hugo Xiong (Founder, IDGVC)
  • Raymond Yang, (MD, West Summit Capital) 
  • Jackie Yang (Translink)
  • Xiangyang Yang (Chairman, Yuanzheng Investment)
  • Jeremy Xue (MD, TusPark VC)
  • John Yu (Managing partner, Oriza Venture)
  • Weijie Yun (MP, Tychy Venture)
  • Ben Yu (MP, Sierra Venture)
  • Jianwei Zhang  (Academician, Academy of Hamburg, Robotics scientist)  
  • Tiemin Zhao (Partner, IPV Capital)
  • Shoucheng Zhang (Academician, Chairman, Danhua Capital)
  • Zhen Zhang (MD, Banyan VC)
  • Mike Zhao (MP, SVTech)
  • Yi Zhao (MP, Westlake venture)
  • Tami Zhu (GM, Rokid)
  • Chaoyong Wang (China Equity)
  • Changming Yan (WRSA)
  • Gregory Dees (Father of Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Tao Fu (VP, Johnson&Johnson)
  • Hong Ge (Director Facebook)
  • Li Gong (Founder&CEO ACADINE Technologies, President of Mozilla)
  • Josh Jiang (VP, VISA)
  • Stella Jin(Founding partner, Keytone Venture)
  • Jun Shi(SVP & COO,SAP Labs)
  • Luo Si (Director, Alibaba IDST)
  • Vivian Wong (CTO, TargetX)
  • Mike Zhang (Founder & CEO,Allwinner)
  • Simon Zhang (Founder&CEO GrowingIO, Formal director, LinkedIn)
  • Felix Zhao (Founder & CEO, Cassia Networks)
  • Mike Zhao (President & CEO, Array Networks)
  • Etc.

We welcome you to join us, to learn, and to compete.

Any Questions?

Please contact: 408-384-9688 (Xavier Yuan, Vicki Cui) 


【2018 UCAHP “遇见”】


  • 主办:美中高层次人才交流协会(UCAHP)、欧美同学会海归创业学院(WRSA)、中国机械工业联合会(China Machinery Industry Association)、中国机器人产业联盟(China Robot Industry Alliance)、清华企业家协会(TEEC)
  • 支持单位: 欧美同学会(WRSA)
  • 媒体共同主办:人民网(People’s Daily Online), 新浪网(
  • 协办单位:工业和信息化部人才中心、 清华大学海峡研究员大数据中心


  • 国际化:对接中国应用、中国资本、中国市场
  • 高端化:项目经过专业竞调、明星项目
  • 精准化:精准落地、快速对接、500项目
  • 定制化:各园区专场推介会、主旨演讲、颁发奖项、落户特别奖
  • 直通机制:与欧美同学会、千人计划联谊会、海外院士峰会紧密配合


  • 讨论和展望新一轮智能革命,第二个机器时代
  • 主旨演讲、发展论坛、合作交流(12个)
  • 智能制造、智能汽车、智能机器人、智慧城市、智慧医疗、人工智能和智能驾驶等
  • 50名智能产业世界级行业专家和科学家
  • 私密一对一并购、技术合作、投资



  • 柔宇科技,世界最薄柔性显示屏,落户深圳,最新估值30亿美金
  • 通付盾,在线支付,落户苏州,估值超10亿美金
  • Orbeus,人工智能,2015年亚马逊高价并购
  • GetScale,智能制造,世界顶级孵化器YC公司孵出,落户苏州
  • Grush,智能牙刷,smart brush,获得美国最佳创客奖,奖金100万美金
  • 其他成功案例Taste Analytics(大数据), Smarking (智慧城市, YC孵化公司, Khosla Venture), Trustlook (移动安全), VisualThreat (汽车安全). RippleInfo (智能家居), Acton (电动鞋/自行车), Car+(智能车载显示), GogglePal(AR增强现实), BeeCloud(云支付), PervasiveGroup(Access控制), Corenergy(新能源), Handscape(背触控), Aptitude(生物医药), Allmobilize (快速移动开发), DataCanvas(大数据), Inpofi(无线充电), Ciyu (磁存储器),Dewmobile(无线极速传输),  Jiurun(新型电池Battery), Menusifu(传统产业互联网化), LearningGenies(教育), Palmap (室内地图,新三板), vCruise(社交游戏), Netplenish(在线商务), MusicProdigy(音乐学习), OneSky(在线翻译), Mugeda(Html5), AppEx(广域网加速), Lyxia(海藻石油), Autotiming(音视频平台), Zplas(旧塑料成油), MicroFluidics(生物), Bandwidth10(光学), Vibronix(医药), NexOptical(VR虚拟现实), Onecook(炒菜机器人), Robokind(对话机器人),等等。