UCAHP’s 2017 TEEC Cup

America Chinese Startup Contest & Silicon Valley Summit on Intelligent Systems

Aug 2016 – Jan 7th, 2017 (Final contest @ Santa Clara Convention Center)

Join us to showcase, fund, and globalize your startup!


UCAHP is calling founders with global ambitions to participate in the leading international startup contest for cross-border entrepreneurship and a conference on global innovation.

  • Pitch and network with 300 global institutional and individual investors with a China focus
  • Attend largest cross-border entrepreneurship and investment platform with 3000 attendees
  • Win funding, China market entrance and partnership opportunities (all applicants)
  • Top 50 startup finalists will pitch in person, top 10 will pitch on stage
  • Learn smart industry trends from
             • Keynote speeches:10
             • Panel discussions: 12
             • Industry-leading experts:50


Will your company be the next startup star? Opportunities don’t wait, ACT NOW!

Submit an application now for UCAHP’s 7th TEEC Cup, submission closes November 11, 2016!


Send Pitch Deck to:                 startup21@ucahp.org
Application Deadline:             11/11/2016
Final Contest Date:                  01/07/2017
Event address:                          Santa Clara Convention Center
More info:                                     Visit www.ucahp.org
Questions?                                   Contact 408-384-9688 (Yuying Hu, Carol Huang)


Event Background:

The UCAHP annual North America Chinese Startup Contest started in 2010. Now in its 7th year, the contest has become a signature event in Silicon Valley for international Chinese startups to showcase their projects, get feedback, and gain growth opportunities including funding and partnerships.

Each year, the event attracts more than 3,000 attendees including more than 500 startups, 300 renowned Chinese investor groups, 20 incubators, and a group of representatives from Chinese cities.

Through the platform, two unicorn companies were born, and many startups had gained growth tractions—with a total valuation of several hundred million dollars.


At UCAHP, we not only provide a platform but also mentorship and resources. Below is a short list of companies that have found success through our platform:

  • Royole Tech (the world’s thinnest flexible display) received VC funding for growth after winning our contest, now the company is valued at about $1.1b.
  • PayEgis (online transaction protection) just received $150m in investment.
  • Orbeus (Artificial intelligence), acquired by Amazon.
  • GetScale (smart manufacturing, a YC Startup) recently received free office spaces from Suzhou, Qingdao, and potential government funds from Suzhou.
  • Grush(smart brush), winner of America’s best maker with $1m prize, an Intel Partner
  • Other success cases include Taste Analytics (Big Data), Smarking (Smart city, YC, Khosla Venture), Trustlook (Mobile Security), VisualThreat (Car Security). RippleInfo (Smart Home), Acton (Electric Shoe/Bike/Board), Car+(HUD), GogglePal(AR), BeeCloud(Payment), PervasiveGroup(Mobile), Corenergy(Power), Handscape(Touch), Aptitude(Bio), Allmobilize (mobile solution), DataCanvas(big data), Inpofi (Wireless Charging), Ciyu (MRAM), Dewmobile(wireless), Jiurun(Battery), Menusifu(Digitize Restaurant), LearningGenies(Education), Palmap (Indoor Map, IPO), vCruise(Gaming), Netplenish(Online Shopping), MusicProdigy(Music Learning), OneSky(Translation), Mugeda(Html5), AppEx(Networking), Lyxia(Algae Oil), Autotiming(AV platform), Zplas(Clean Tech), MicroFluidics(Bio), Bandwidth10(Optical), Vibronix(Medical), NexOptical(VR), Onecook(Robotics), Robokind(Robotics), and more


The event’s participating startups cover a range of industries and technologies:

  • Information Technology, AI, VR, new materials, new energy, manufacturing, Biological medicine and equipment, Integrated circuits and systems, Optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, networking and so on.



  • Eric Braa (co-founder/CBDO of GetScale): “UCAHP has been an invaluable asset to Getscale’s growth and expansion into China. We have been given access to opportunities, funding, and Government connections that we would never have been able to easily foster on our own. We are now expanding a major portion of our business in China, as well as opening offices in Suzhou and Qingdao”
  • Charlie Campbell (Founder/CEO HONT, co-founder Bucket): “UCAHP short circuited the process by introducing us to the right people to enter and engage with the Chinese market. Flash forward to 2016, and for the past three years, I’ve lived in China full time building a startup brick by brick. If I’ve learned anything, the difference between success and failure rides on your relationships and understanding of the local market, both of which UCAHP has helped me out with tremendously”.


Summit Panels:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Car
  • Smart City
  • Digital Health
  • Intelligent Robot
  • Smart Sensing
  • Intelligent System Security
  • Smart Transportation
  • Computer Vision and deep learning
  • Real time big data analytics
  • Smart grid and energy internet
  • International Incubation
  • Cross-border investment


Past Speakers:

  • Reid Hoffman (Executive Chairman, LinkedIn )
  • Phil Libin (Founder,Evernote),
  • Jeff Rothschild (VP, Facebook; Accel Partner),
  • Wayne Chang (General Manager, Twitter Boston),
  • David Karandish (CEO, Answers),
  • Alireza Masrour (Managing Partner,Plug & Play Venture)
  • Datong Chen (Founder, Omnivision/Spreadtrum, MD, WestSummit Capital)
  • Alfred Chu (MP, IPV Capital)
  • Frank Chen (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Andrew Chung (Partner, Khosla Ventures)
  • Feng Deng (Founder Netscreen, Northern Light Venture)
  • James Hong (Former VP, Foxxcon)
  • Shu Huang (MP, FerryVC)
  • Bill Liu (Founder, Royole Tech)
  • Yi Li (CEO, Orbeus)
  • Michael Jin (MP, TEEC Angel)
  • Jack Jia (Interwoven Cofounder /CTO,GSR partner)
  • Torsten Kroeger(Google Robotics)
  • Larry Li (MP, Amino Capital)
  • Jun Li (MP, SVTech)
  • Zhengdong Ni (Founder, Zero2IPO)
  • Connie Sheng (MD, Nautilus Venture)
  • Hans Tung( MP, GGV Capital)
  • Lucas Wang (CEO, Mugeda)
  • Young Wang (CEO, AppEx)
  • Janelle Wang (CEO, Acton)
  • Ping Wu( Cofounder, Spreadtrum, SummitView Capital)
  • Ken Xie (Founder NetScreen, Fortinet )
  • Hugo Xiong (Founder, IDGVC)
  • Raymond Yang, (MD, West Summit Capital)
  • Jackie Yang (Translink)
  • Xiangyang Yang (Chairman, Yuanzheng Investment)
  • Jeremy Xue (MD, TusPark VC)
  • John Yu (Managing partner, Oriza Venture)
  • Weijie Yun (MP, Tychy Venture)
  • Ben Yu (MP, Sierra Venture)
  • Jianwei Zhang (Academician, Academy of Hamburg, Robotics scientist)
  • Timin Zhao (Partner, IPV Capital)
  • Shoucheng Zhang (Academician, Chairman, Danhua Capital)
  • Zhen Zhang (MD, Banyan VC)
  • Mike Zhao (MP, SVTch)
  • Yi Zhao (MP, Westlake venture)

  • Tami Zhu (GM, Rokid)
  • Chaoyong Wang (China Equity)
  • Changming Yan (WRSA)
  • Gregory Dees (Father of Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Tao Fu (VP, Johnson & Johnson)
  • Hong Ge (Director Facebook)
  • Li Gong (Founder & CEO ACADINE Technologies, President of Mozilla)
  • Josh Jiang (VP, VISA)
  • Stella Jin(Founding partner, Keytone Venture)
  • Jun Shi(SVP & COO,SAP Labs)
  • Luo Si (Director, Alibaba IDST)
  • Vivian Wong (CTO, TargetX)
  • Mike Zhang (Founder & CEO,Allwinner)
  • Simon Zhang (Founder&CEO GrowingIO, Formal director, LinkedIn)
  • Felix Zhao (Founder & CEO, Cassia Networks)
  • Mike Zhao (President & CEO, Array Networks)
  • Etc.


Speakers to invite:

  • Leaders and visionaries from Deepmind, SpaceX, Google, Facebook, GE, IBM, Stanford University, MIT, UC Berkeley, CMU, McGill, University of Michigan, USC, UCLA, etc.


We welcome you to join us, to learn, and to compete.

Any Questions?
Please contact: 408-384-9688 (Yuying Hu, Carol Huang)

Email: startup21@ucahp.org, yuying@ucahp.org
The 7th TEEC Cup UCAHP North America Startup Contest 2017第七届TEEC杯北美创业大赛   ; Submit Application   The 7th TEEC Cup UCAHP North America Startup Contest 2017第七届TEEC杯北美创业大赛