The 9th CONNECT Conference


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AI CONNECT Conference

Organize AI CONNECT Conference each year. We invite industry-leading experts, successful entrepreneurs, and investors from top VCs as keynote speakers, and to attend panel discussions to discuss future industry and innovation trends and share their experience.

Angel Fund and VCs for Fund Raising

Founded SVC Angel Fund and have cooperative Venture Capitals to provide entrepreneurs with potential investment opportunities; offer a platform for entrepreneurs to learn, raise fund, and showcase.

Promote Entrepreneurship Through Events: Mentor Day, BP Training, Founders’ mix

Organize various social events in Silicon Valley to connect entrepreneurs with mentors and industry-leading investors, to match co-founders, and to provide entrepreneurs with support in areas of human resources, strategic planning, company operations, expansion into the market, legal and taxation challenges.

Our Successful Events

  • Speaker: Tuomas Sandholm, Father of Libratus
    Speaker: Tuomas Sandholm, Father of Libratus
  • Pitch Day in China
    Pitch Day in China
  • Silicon Valley Summit on Intelligent Systems
    Silicon Valley Summit on Intelligent Systems
  • Media Interview
    Media Interview
  • BP Training
    BP Training
  • Visit High-tech Incubator
    Visit High-tech Incubator
  • Mentor Day
    Mentor Day
  • Host Overseas Startup Contest
    Host Overseas Startup Contest
  • Academy of Returnee Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley
    Academy of Returnee Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley
  • Live Pitch
    Live Pitch
  • Young Entrepreneur Award
    Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Connect with Chinese Market
    Connect with Chinese Market

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What Our Entrepreneur says

Charlie Campbell - Founder/CEO HONT, co-founder Bucket “UCAHP short circuited the process by introducing us to the right people to enter and engage with the Chinese market. Flash forward to 2016, and for the past three years, I’ve lived in China full time building a startup brick by brick. If I’ve learned anything, the difference between success and failure rides on your relationships and understanding of the local market, both of which UCAHP has helped me out with tremendously”.
Eric Braa - co-founder/CBDO of GetScale “UCAHP has been an invaluable asset to Getscale’s growth and expansion into China. We have been given access to opportunities, funding, and Government connections that we would never have been able to easily foster on our own. We are now expanding a major portion of our business in China, as well as opening offices in Suzhou and Qingdao”


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