ICIE Kunshan Invitation

2016 International Conference
on Innovation & Entrepreneurship(Kunshan)

Aug. 10, 2016


Dear overseas talents:

    To promote effective matchmaking between international innovation resources and innovation needs of Jiangsu and further advance the internationalization level of Jiangsu’s innovation and entrepreneurship, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), Jiangsu ProvincialGovernment and Duke University will co-host International Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship on Dec. 5-6, 2016 in Kunshan, China.

    The conference will consist of keynote speeches, parallel sessions on the specific fields, roadshow of high-tech projects, business exchange, and exhibition of products and scientific achievements in terms of international innovation and entrepreneurship. Renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, and business leaders from both China and Overseas are invited to attend this conference, who may include:professionals, management experts from prestigious universities such as Duke University, Silicon Valley,the US Route 128 High-tech Industrial Corridor, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina;experts from those countries rich in scientific innovation resources like Germany, UK, Finland, Israel, Russia and Japan, etc.; project experts recommended by overseas scientific organizations such as CAST-USA,EBN, China-Germany Industry 4.0 Alliance, etc.;overseas experts from scientific and financial investment organizations.

    In order to make the conference productive, the organizing committee would like to collect projects from overseas talents, with the focus on the latest innovation achievements in such fields as information technology, new materials, energy and environment protection, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, etc. The conference organizing committee will screen all the projects collected and organize the pre-matchmaking events all over the Jiangsu Province. The confirmation letter will be emailed out at the end of Sep, 2016to those overseas talents whose projects meet the needs of Jiangsu. Those who have been finally approved and invited to attend the conference by the organizing committee will be provided with traveling allowance (RMB 6000 yuan for each from America, Europe,Australia; RMB 3000 yuan for each from other regions in the world. The relevant materials such as the air ticket and boarding pass used for going to China after Nov. 10, 2016 should be provided. For those who have already been in China before Nov. 10, RMB 1000 for each is provided) and free accommodation during the conference.

Website: http://s-264339.gotocdn.com/a/hzzx/2016/0803/777.html
E-mail: kunshan@ucahp.org
The deadline for submission: Sep. 30. 2016
Contact person: Kongjie
Tel (Fax): 0086-25-68155840, 0086-25-84218229

1. Application Form for 2016 ICIE(Kunshan)
2. Jiangsu Needs List for 2016 ICIE(Kunshan)

The Organizing Committee
2016 International Conferenceon Innovation &Entrepreneurship